The Power of Brainstorming

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I think by now you’ve started to realize how passionate I am about the story.  In our business of  TV and video broadcasting…that’s what we do best…tell stories.

Well, I have a short story I want to share with you.

I’ve just returned from a 3-day business seminar with some incredibly successful people from all over the world.

In fact, within this group of about 500, many of these folks are leaders in their respective fields.

On our final day together we were given an exercise to do in small groups of six.  It was a writing exercise to help improve and refine our collaborative skills as creative writers.

After brainstorming together over the course of a 90 minute lunch – we entered our submissions to be evaluated.

Well, I proud to reveal the fact that my group won, and this was against some very high caliber competition.

Now, I’m not telling you this to brag – well OK maybe just a little  😉  but I’m really telling you this to emphasis the Power of Brainstorming.

Brainstorming, when you all have a collective vision, is incredibly powerful.  Don’t get me wrong, brainstorming IS a powerful tool, but you must still have a cooperative and sharing mindset for the process to work well.

So the next time you’re struggling with a script or treatment, don’t forget your peers.  Using the power of brainstorming is an invaluable tool to have in your creative toolbox.

That’s it for now…more coming soon!!

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Rick Davis


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