A Shot to Remember

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I’ve just returned from an exciting event that I wanted to share with you.

The BBC hired me this past week to direct the Scottish National curling championship’s held in Perth, Scotland.  It was a week long event which culminated with a very close battle that came down to the last shot.  You couldn’t ask for better drama for a televised event.

From a technical point of view I found this event kind of interesting.

Now you’re probably aware that there are multiple broadcast standards in use throughout the world.  Before high def rolled onto the scene we talked about whether the region we were working in would be broadcasting in NTSC, PAL or possibly SECAM.  These terms all relate to how many scan lines are in use on the screen and the resulting quality you’ll see.

This event in Scotland was a little unique, you see BBC Scotland still broadcasts in standard def PAL – 16 x 9 mind you, but still in PAL with 576 lines of resolution.  The OB Van or TV mobile we used was equipped with primarily standard def gear.

Some of the crew members who were hired independently from the BBC crew showed up with HD gear.

In fact some of our footage was shot with a Canon 7D stills camera which had great HD capability.  With some down-converting, all of the multiple formats played together just fine to give us our final results.

So why am I sharing all this with you?

Because the key to this story is don’t be befuddled by the lasted technology to come out on the market.

Don’t get caught up in not having the best gear available – don’t let this stop you from making the film or show that you really want to create.

Yes without a doubt it’s nice to be able to use the latest and greatest in technology when it becomes available.

But at the end of the day, as your TV audience holds its’ collective breath as the last shot of the game is played with a national championship in the balance, it really doesn’t matter what kind of technical gear is used.

A great story is a great story.

And that’s why we all keep coming back for more.

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Rick Davis


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