Creative Writing – How I Improved My Writing Skills

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Why is it that on some occasions words will flow out of you faster than you can capture them on paper, while at other times you find yourself staring at your hands as if they were attached to someone else?


Creative writing does not have to be difficult.  Allow me to share with you how I improved my writing skills.


Whether you’re trying to learn how to write an autobiography or simply join the ranks of creative writers; the following will be of help to you.


Writing problems are nothing new.  In fact they are far more common than you think.


A productive, experienced writer has the same trouble and challenges that a newcomer may have.  The only major difference is the experienced writer knows the correct mindset to adopt as opposed to the newbie scribe.


I want to discuss a few key points that are essential to having success when it comes to getting your thoughts down on paper in an efficient and production manner.


If you follow these points you’ll find the classic case of writers block will eventually just fade away forever.  These tactics will work for all types of writing, whether it’s creative prose or a detailed analytical script for your latest company project.  It doesn’t matter.  Words should, and will, flow easily when you follow the key ideas I’m about to share with you.


  • The number one point to remember when writing is to realize that it is OK and perfectly normal to find yourself blocked when it comes to creative writing.  Far too often a beginner writer spends more energy beating themselves up rather than actually creating words on a page.  They label themselves as stupid or challenged as a reason as to why they cannot communicate the words they’re looking for.


Nothing could be further from the truth.  You’re not blocked; you’ve simply just taken the wrong path to your final result.  Adopting this mindset is like giving yourself permission to stumble.  Once you accept this fact you will find it much easier to find the words you are looking for.


    • Key point number two is remember that it is far more important to get your thoughts out of your mind and onto paper rather than ensuring every written word is perfect and best suited for the thought you’re trying to convey.


Once you captured the essential concept into the written word, you can then go back and rewrite to your heart’s content.  The initial creation of the words into sentences is what will give you the power and momentum to continue successfully writing.


It is a safe assumption that Henry Ford’s first automobile, or Bill Gates first version of software was not their best efforts.  Ideas and products must evolve.  The key is to get your initial thoughts down on paper.


      • Key point number three to remember is that writing is to be an enjoyable task not a dreaded chore.  If you’re in a position where you are the creative mind in your company and have to come up with a steady flow of scripts, embrace the notion – you are the chosen one.


If someone invited you out for a round of golf, would you dread the approaching day or would you embrace the idea as a great way to get out of the office.  I’m guessing the later would be the case.  You should look forward to writing with the same enthusiasm.


Writing well is not magical; it is a craft just like any other.  It takes some practice and perseverance to get better with anything you chose to do.


Being a writer is an admirable vocation.  You are in the business of creating something out of nothing.  You mold your thoughts and ideas so that others may benefit from what you have to say.  Remember to feel good about that fact.


So the next time you’re struggling to get your next script off the ground, think back to the key points I’ve outlined above.  Writing problems are often no more than just being on the wrong path at the moment.  Stop beating yourself up and start having fun again with the entire creative process.


I discovered that my creative writing skills improved by simply applying this method.


You may not choose to write an autobiography, but if you follow these ideas I guarantee your writing success will soon follow.


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Rick Davis


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