Canon EOS M10 Review

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Canon EOS M10 Review thumbnailToday I’m going to give you my opinion of the Canon EOS M10 mirrorless camera.

You probably know, in every DSLR camera there is a mirror that reflects what the lens is seeing directly into the view-finder. This means the camera has to be fairly thick to allow the mirror to move out of the way when you take a picture. This is why DSLR cameras are bulky compared to a point-and-shoots.

A DSLR camera however has a larger sensor, so you get high quality images. Camera manufactures know that some people want high quality from a small camera, so they developed what is known as a mirrorless camera, which has a large sensor and interchangeable lenses, and no bulky mirror.

The Canon EOS M10 is the latest offering to the Canon lineup. It came out last fall. Canon’s original mirrorless camera was the EOS M, followed by the M2 in some countries. The EOS M was their entry level and Canon needed to create a suitable replacement. They did come out with the EOS M3 which is a bit more sophisticated and a bit pricier – currently around $100 more.
OK, so what does the M10 have?

It is an 18 megapixel camera with a CMOS sensor. (smaller than the 24 megapix that the M3 uses), but still large enough to provide plenty of image detail giving you great pictures. This is assisted by the fact this camera has a 49 auto-focus points to grab a focal reference from.

The Canon EOS M10 I looked at came with a 15-45mm lens which is a great starter lens ranging from a wide angle view to the acceptable width of what the human eye sees.

If you’re new to the interchangeable lens world then you are in for a treat, because this is the great bonus of these cameras, with the aid of Canon’s EF-M lens mount you can attach various other Canon lens. As your photography and videography expand you’ll have other options to choose from. Of course, new lenses do hit the pocket book but there’s no rush in acquiring them.
The M10 has popup flash for convenience, but no hot shoe – which would allow for a more powerful add-on flash – but hey- this is Canon’s entry level model. At least this one has the built-in flash whereas the original EOS-M did not.

The EOS M10 has a 3” touch screen monitor on the back. External controls are very minimal. Many of the settings are adjusted thru the monitor. Because most people are on their phones all day, everyone is very accustom to using touch-screens, so I found this a really comfortable feature compared to dials.

Canon has also provided the monitor with a hinge so that it came flip up to allow you to see yourself for any selfies you need to take.

From a video capture point of view, this camera shoots HD video in both 720 and 1080. Only the 720 mode allows capture at 60 frames per second, which is useful if you’re shooting quick moving action like sports or animals.

As someone who shoots a lot of video professionally the only downside I found in this camera was the absence of an external mic input. You can only use the built-in stereo mic. If I’m interviewing someone on camera I like an external microphone to be as close as possible to my subject. If you’re not one to do a lot of on-camera interviews then this shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

If you’re new to the world of using a larger sensor, interchangeable lens camera I think you would be very pleased with using this camera. Canon makes a good product and they try to create something for every type of user. I think the EOS M10 fills this niche nicely for them.


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