Photographer Essentials – Camera Tripod and Camera Straps

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Photographer essentials, a camera tripod and camera straps.

Today I have another portion of the interview I did with professional event photographer Anil Mungal. Throughout this series he shares some of his photo knowledge with us.

In addition to Gala Event photo coverage Anil also does photo journalistic coverage for the city of Markham in Canada.

Today he’s going to share some thoughts on photo accessories that he would never leave home without and the importance of tripod use, to get things started I asked him which manufacture’s tripod does he use?

The tripod I use is a Manfrotto and I typically use that when I’m doing night photography or photography when it involves longer exposure to just keep the camera stable. I use a mono-pod very often when I’m covering sports. Typically if I’m covering a long lens, say a 300. It gets really heavy to carry throughout the day so the mono-pod helps to carry it around and it also helps to stabilize it while I’m shooting.

As far as filters go the only one I would use right now would be a polarizer. That’s just to remove reflections off of windows or water. The filters that I used to use in the past, now you can do a lot of that stuff in the post process. So the only thing I would tend to use now would be the polarizer if anything.

Is there one piece of non-photographic equipment you don’t ever want to leave home without?

Photographer Essentials – Reduces Pain

For sure, my harness. My harness is right here. This is a Black Rapid Harness that essentially I wear. Let me put it on and show you. You strap it on and essentially both my cameras just hang on me. They’re to my side so I’m able to walk around with my hands free and when I need I can grab one camera and shoot or I can grab my other camera and shoot and it distributes the weight nicely. When you’ve got to carry around 2 cameras around for the entire day it gets really heavy and at the end of the day you don’t want your back to just be falling apart. So I find this is great. I’ve been using it for 4 years now. And I love it.

photographer essentials - Camera Tripod and Camera Straps

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