DSLR Camera and Lens – What a Pro Uses

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Professional choice of DSLR camera is today’s topic. Anil Mungal, a pro photographer, joins us to share some of his insights from the world of photography.

Anil’s first choice in a digital camera is Canon. He discusses the pros and cons of using Canon cameras and Canon lenses.

His first choice is the Canon 1DX (which also comes under the Canon EOS 1 title). He has two models – the 1DX and the 1D Mark 3. The great thing about Canon lenses is that they are all interchangeable between the Canon camera bodies.

One has a full frame DSLR sensor and one has a 1.3 sensor. Anil has found that a DSLR canon camera solves about 99% of all his photographic needs.

He discusses his two lens of choice, one being a wide angle zoom and one is a telephoto zoom. Both these lenses are manufactured by Canon.

Canon camera is Anil’s first choice of camera but we know that Nikon, Sony, Pentax are also very reputable brands when it comes to choosing the best DSLR camera for your needs. Hopefully some of Anil’s comments will help you with your decision of which DSLR to buy.

DSLR Camera & Lens - a Professionals choice

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