Best 2nd Lens for the Canon Rebel

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Best 2nd Lens for the Canon Rebel thumbnailThe Canon Rebel lens.  Which is your favorite?  I’m back with some thoughts and tips on the important step of buying a second lens for your Canon Rebel.

Mostly when we buy a DSLR camera like the Canon Rebel range, it comes with a standard 55mm lens included.  The number “55” is of course the focal length- which indicates what the lens shows – the ‘field of view’.

A 55mm lens is very close to what we see with our eyes.  The larger numbers show things magnified in a smaller field of view, while lower numbers show them further away in a larger field of view.

This basic lens just has a fixed focal length and it is called a ‘prime’ lens. When you come to buy a second lens for your Canon Rebel, Canon 5D or 7D camera you will probably choose a ‘zoom’ lens that has a variable focal length. This makes taking a wide variety of pictures possible without changing lens.

The first popular option is to go for a lens that will let you pull more distant things closer to you. That could be a group of people, a building or something else that is far away. By bringing things closer you can fill the frame with your subject and create a much more exciting shot.

You can also photograph things that you can’t get physically close enough to for a natural close-up shot. This is called a telephoto lens.

Canon Wide Angle Lens

The second option is to pick a lens from Canon’s lineup that allows you to take wider pictures. This can be very useful for interior shots and also gives you the facility to take close-ups of small objects. This is called a ‘wide-angle’ lens.

A popular telephoto lens is a 55-250mm zoom. A lens of this range allows you to take anything from standard to quite a good close-up, without changing lenses.

As you go for a longer focal length the lens tends to get rather bulky and heavy. This is an important thing to consider if you are walking around a lot, or travelling.

Even if you don’t use the full focal length very often, you’ll find a telephoto lens a great help in framing up shots. You can get just what you want without sacrificing resolution, as you will if you crop them later at home on the computer.

A 17-55mm zoom gives you a nice ability to widen out and take in a whole room without much distortion. Or take pictures of flowers or insects from as close as about a foot. To get even closer go for something like a 10-22mm lens, but that is getting a bit specialized for most people.

Low Light Levels

Something to consider when choosing a zoom lens is the maximum aperture it has. To shoot in low light levels – indoors without flash for example – you need a larger aperture. That is, a smaller number for the f-stop. If your zoom lens has a large minimum f-stop you might find yourself short of light for that special shot.

If you have a Canon EOS camera the correct lens will still allow you to use the auto-focus.

Personally I do most of my shooting outdoors, so I usually keep a telephoto like a 55-250 mm on my Canon Rebel DSLR camera all the time. That way I can get lots of nice shots of building details, close-ups of loved ones, or cool shots of interesting characters across the street without pushing a camera in their face!

So when you come to choose that all important 2nd lens for your DSLR, think about the kinds of pictures you want to take and make the right choice to create amazing shots you will be truly proud of.

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