Best 2nd Lens for the Canon Rebel

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Best 2nd Lens for the Canon Rebel thumbnailI’m back with some thoughts and tips on the important step of buying a second lens for your Canon Rebel.

Mostly when we buy a DSLR camera like the Canon Rebel range, it comes with a standard 55mm lens included. The number “55” is of course the focal length- which indicates what the lens shows – the ‘field of view’. A 55mm lens is very close to what we see with our eyes and larger numbers show things magnified in a smaller field of view, while lower numbers show them further away in a larger field of view.
This basic lens just has a fixed focal length and it is called a ‘prime’ lens, but when you come to buy a second lens for your Canon Rebel, Canon 5D or 7D…

Watch the view for the rest of the story.

If you’re currently using more than one lens in your kit, let me know which one you find the most useful. I would love to hear from. Please leave a comment below.

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Rick Davis


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