Production Managers – The Importance of Craft Services

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While it may be too easy to forget about all of the little things when it comes to taking care of your film crews during shoots, especially when you know that you have to provide catering of hot meals every six hours, craft services are still important. Crew members, from lighting to camera work and everyone in between, can become a bit cranky if their needs are not met, or they feel that they are being neglected.

What about sodas, snacks, and all the other things that keep people humming between hours of work? If you haven’t thought about those little things, you better if you want to have a happy crew, especially if your filming is going to stretch on for days and even weeks. You also don’t want to disrupt the flow of filming, especially if you get into complicated scenes or those that require a great deal of makeup, you don’t want to stop the flow for a major lunch or dinner. If your crew is getting snacks and drinks, they won’t tend to mind working through their regular break, at least for a little while.

Find out what your crew likes

Don’t guess what kind of foods or snacks that your crew prefers. Ask around and begin to narrow down on a few items, or if you really want to impress your crew, then have special snack ‘boxes’ put together for every one of your crew members. If your cameraman enjoys some potato chips and a diet cola, then you can put together a box just for him. If one of your key grips would rather have a chocolate bar and an energy drink to help him get through the long hours of the afternoon, then you can have a small box put together just for him.

Surprises, everyone likes surprises

You don’t have to just toss the people who are working on your film the obligatory bone once in a while. People are pretty clever and attuned to subtle nuances of behavior. If your crew knows when you are simply trying to appease them, it won’t have the same effect as it might if you surprise them once in a while.

What does your crew enjoy? Is there a concert going to be in town during the filming of your television show? If so, how about getting them tickets to that show and planning on not doing any production work for those hours. It doesn’t mean that you have to halt production for the entire day. Instead, you can adjust the hours that you are going to film to accommodate them.

Don’t underestimate the power of goodwill

While your film crew is working for a paycheck, and sometimes they will be working for a very good paycheck, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore them the rest of the time. Your crew is going to be a major difference between a successful production and one that causes nothing but problems. Also, your crew will help to make the actors on screen much more powerful.

When you take the time and effort to get to know your crew and take care of them, whether it’s with snacks, drinks, or extras, then you will find a team of dedicated individuals who are willing to bend over backwards, work longer hours when needed, and do the little things that will help you finish your filming on time and under budget.


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