LIVE Training Webinar – Video Production Techniques

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I’m just starting my prep work here for the upcoming London Olympics. On these games I’ll be working as a producer on the equestrian coverage. The Big Games got me thinking of a Big Question I want to ask you.


Are your current video productions providing you with explosive results?


Powerful videos will punch an audience leaving them with a message they won’t soon forget.


Whether your video’s selling your products, services or providing an audience with entertainment – the process is the same.


I’m hosting a FREE webinar this Thursday, June 14th at 2 pm ET and I’d like you to attend. I’ll be sharing some professional tips you can use to increase the quality and effectiveness of your video productions.  Click on the link below to sign-up.


After this webinar, I promise you’ll walk away with some Pro tips you’ll immediately be able to put to good use.


  • The importance of creating a storyline not just pretty pictures
  • Which video camera equipment should you be buying


As a bonus, you’ll hear from 3 other broadcast industry experts as well.


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I’ll see you on the webinar on Thursday.


PS. As an additional bonus, I have 10 free Video Production Reports for you.

PPS. Register by clicking on the GotoMeeting link above.



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Rick Davis


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