Jobs in Television Production – Including Editor and Cameraman

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In part one of this 2-part video series I discussed some of the job openings that are available to anyone who is interested in a career in the video and television production business.  Today’s video discusses even more of the options available to you.


Does the title editor appeal to you?  Video editing is one specialty that is constantly improving.  Editing software companies just keep putting out better and more efficient products.  This is made possible with computer technology steadily improving and having lightning fast processing speeds.


If you enjoy telling stories through the use of images maybe an editing job would be perfect for you.


There are new types of cameras that are widely in use in television production today that were rarely used years ago.


Miniaturization of electronic components has led to new video gear like GoPro cameras and Polecam cameras.  Also included in this list of cameras that are now available to camera operators are robotic cameras.


Robotic cameras have been around for years in the field of security surveillance but now more and more they’re used in the field of sports and entertainment television.  These cameras can be placed right in the thick of the action without getting in the way of the athletes and performers.


As these new cameras come to market  the industry is always looking for good people to operate them.


Check out this video to learn more about the job possibilities in the television and video production biz.

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Rick Davis


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