Job Opportunities in Television Broadcasting

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Job opportunities in television broadcasting is today’s topic.  My guest is Karen Sebesta, Executive Producer of Special Events and the Paralympics for CBC television.  She works in Toronto, Canada.

Karen discusses many job opportunities in the television broadcasting industry that are available today.  People entering this industry have many opportunities. Much more than ten or more years ago.

Evolving technology has made the tv business even better than it was in the past.  

Cloud based writing and production tools have allowed people to create content easier than ever.  Anyone now can really be a producer and a content creator.  Or in other words create your own job opportunities in television broadcasting.

There was a period of time that learning how to operate pieces of broadcast equipment meant going to a television station.  That has now all changed.

Technology has improved greatly.  And at the same time costs have come way down. You can purchase a good quality camera, microphones and editing software at prices that won’t break the bank. And you can teach yourself how to master these tools from the comfort of your own home.

There are endless amounts of instructional courses available online and from local libraries to teach a newcomer to the production industry

Broadcast Platforms – Job Opportunities in TV

  • YouTube, 
  • IGTV (Instagram TV), 
  • Podcasts,
  • OTT Subscription Streaming (Over the Top) 

Newcomers now have more options to show audiences their content than ever before.  YouTube and IGTV provide an outlet for anyone to become a storyteller.

Younger people entering today’s workforce are generally better equipped than previous generations.  They understand a broader range of software and tools. And they are quicker to learn due to the pace of evolving apps and software.

job opportunities in television broadcasting
Job Opportunities in Television Broadcasting Do Exist

One skill that is top priority is the ability to write well.  Karen stresses this importance of writing in every area of TV production.

There is still no substitute for hard work and persistence in any field of endeavor.  But if you put in the effort there are definitely job opportunities in television broadcasting waiting for you.  

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