Zoom H5 Audio Recorder Unboxing

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This product makes audio recording simple and easy. The Zoom H5 Handy audio recorder is used as a handheld device. Recording with this device on a tripod is another option.

Here are three main reasons I love this recorder (& I know many other production pro’s would agree). One is the ease of use to operate. Two is the quality of the recorded audio. And the third plus – the reliability of this product. It has a built-in safeguard feature which creates backup files automatically. As a result – this recorder is definite must in my tool kit.

The Zoom H5 audio recorder comes with an attachable twin stereo mic capsule. It has been designed to handle audio levels up to 140 decibels. This is the equivalent to the sound of a jet aircraft from less than 200 feet away. This recorder offers compression and audio limiting tools to enhance the quality of the sound.

The Zoom H5 also has two addition XLR or TRS combo inputs that allows you to plug in your favorite microphone of choice.

I find the compact size of this recorder makes it a great tool to use as a backup audio recorder. It makes transcribing recordings easy to do. It also provides a quick check to ensure the audio recording quality is what you’re looking for. Because I know I don’t want to have to go back for a second production day if you can avoid it.

I have been using the Zoom H5 Handy Audio recorder for years and never head to a remote production without it.

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Rick Davis


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