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Here Earbuds thumbnailI just recently came across the Here Active Listening Earbuds and they are an incredible new way of listening to the audio around us.

It’s like operating your own audio mixing board to control what’s going into your head. You can increase, reduce or almost completely illuminate certain sounds from your environment. Not to mention radically change the tonal qualities.

This product came to life last summer as a Kickstarter campaign for Dobbler Lab’s.

So what it is? It is a pair of wireless earbuds that work together with a smart phone app to control the audio around you.

A multipoint equalization board on your phone allows you to tweak/adjust and virtually illuminate certain parts of the audio spectrum through the use of noise cancelling features.

The Earbuds function with micro-processors inside and they operate virtually in real time.

Imagine walking thru a crowded mall and being able to clearly listen to the person beside you without the constant din of a large crowd around you.

The system comes with some pre-set filters aimed at cancelling out things like, office noise, subways, buses and city hustle &bustle.

If you need even less outside distraction the Here Active Listening Earbuds also provide the option of adding a layer of white noise.

Now let’s talk about music listening. If you love listening to music equalized just the way you like it. You can easily do that thru the Earbuds – if you demand brighter sounds or maybe heavy bass sounds, as your overall go-to sound – you can do that thru a quick flick on your iPhone or android device.

This product has been designed to replicate a real word 3D effect. When a sound event occurs behind you, the earbuds pass along that audible information from the exact same location. It is not like a pair of headphones where you feel separated from your environment.
It really is an incredible feat.

There also special effect filters. Think electric guitar pedal effects. If you want a slight reverb or large room sound you can have it. Add echo, or Fuzz. It’s all there at your fingertips.

You can escape or immerse yourself in whatever sound environment you’re looking for

This is not all perfection. Keep in mind if you’re someone on the go – as your environment changes you will have to change the settings on your phone. The Here Earbuds can’t do it for you.

The company states that their Earbuds carry 6 hours of charge on their rechargeable batteries, speakers are ultra-low distortion, and microphone is omnidirectional.

The sleek carrying case comes with 3 different sizes of silicone ear tips to fit just about any user.

Selling price is currently stated as $249 US. I would think that will drop once more people get their hands on the product.

This product is still in its final development stages and will hopefully be ready for the public shortly. If you are the type that always wants to be an early adopter to new products. Here has a signup waitlist you will find on their website.

I thought this was an exciting and fun way to always be able to interact with your environment in real time.

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